Monday, September 26, 2016

David Holland in the Guitar Center Drum Off

David Holland from Judy on Vimeo.

My husbands performance for the Guitar Center 2016 Drum off. He was playing the kit they provided. He had 5 minutes to adjust drums to his preference and 3 minutes to play. He was fantastic!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Autumn on the East Coast

I'm not the kind of girl that has all the right words about how to decorate, or how to make stuff. I'm new at sharing this stuff on a regular basis because it makes me vulnerable to other people. But then I decided I just need to be me and share what I'm about. So, I decided to post pictures of my projects as they come up and my home as I decorate for Autumn, my favorite time of year. Take what you can from my pages, leave what your not interested in. Let me share what I know to be true about the Home!


  1. 1
    the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
    "I was nineteen when I left home and went to college"
    synonyms:residence, place of residence, houseapartmentflatbungalowcottage

    a house, apartment, or other shelter that is theusual residence of a person, family, or household.
    the place in which one's domestic affections arecentered.
    an institution for the homeless, sick, etc.:
    a nursing home.
    the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.
    the place or region where something is native ormost common.
    any place of residence or refuge:
    a heavenly home.
    a person's native place or own country.

    Welcome to my Home - "A Haven of Rest"

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creative Practicing

I love art, in any shape, form and media. I practice some sort of art every day. My inspiration comes from some of my favorite artists, such as Jeanne Oliver at, Danielle Donaldson at, Alisa Burke, Amy Hanna, Robin Dudley-Howe, Roben Marie Smith and many more. I have learned to refine what I already know through these ladies by paying to take classes from them. They are all inspiration to create. But to me they are teaching me so I can sell my own work or teach my own classes so more people can do what I have learned. I am a teacher, and that is what I do, teach. Teachers help to carry others into the realm of possibilities, to inspire and to then watch their students become successful without getting jealous of their successes. I am not copyrighting my teachers when I take what they taught me by choice and use the information to teach others. I am copy writing when I take word for word or jot and tittle, stroke for stroke, identical and you can't tell the real from the fake and say it is my own.  I believe if you are a teacher and you don't want to see "your" techniques recreated and retaught, then you shouldn't be a teacher. I understand about the exact duplication thing, that's just not cool, but the Bible has some great insight to this very matter and is a great source of wisdom and it says  Ecclesiastes 1:9 "That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun."

Just sayin'

Friday, March 11, 2016

Giveaway on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network

So I have been trying to post a picture to this great giveaway and I'm not sure why I can't get it to work. So follow the link for an opportunity to win.

Thanks Jeanne for such an awesome giveaway.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Starting off my new year

I know  it's a little late to be starting off my new year, however, surprise, that's what I'm doing. So, some things I'm adding to my list this year to do  are: working on my shop, if you didn't know it's located in Burgaw North Carolina  at Fremont Antiques and Consignment . I've been taking some classes  with Jeanne Oliver and  Emily Jones.  My husband bought me a Wacom Cintique that I am learning to use.  I also have an Etsy where I sell homemade items and vintage items. I'm going to give a try at teaching Bible studies online, still trying to figure that one out. For all you girls who do online videos  if you have any helpful ideas, how to's for making videos for use on the Internet, I'd appreciate any help I can get.  And I would love the opportunity to be an online teacher for some art classes, if there's anyone out there looking for someone who loves to teach I'd love an opportunity.  I want to try to read some more this year, I didn't get much reading in last year other than magazines, and I love my magazines. My word for this year is "Accelerate", I am believing God is going to be doing some marvelous things this year in mine and my husbands life.  I'm closing with a couple pictures of some of my most recent art hope you like.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

holland market at cafe press

I am excited to say that I am now selling my art on items at cafe press. Click the link below to go to my store. Have fun perusing all the fun items.
  Buy t-shirts, mugs & gifts from my shop.