What has been on your plate this week?

What a week!!! It has been busy, frustrating, and I thank the Lord He helped me through it, as usual. When I have good times and bad times I try to fully rely on the Lord to help me through them. I can't do it on my own. I am off tomorrow(Friday), and plan to enjoy my day working in my garden and just be thankful for all that the Lord has placed in my life. I am trying to get my Stampin' Up business going and it is hard to get it going, but I will persist. I want for others to enjoy the ability to be creative as much as I do. It is an awesome way to relax, stay challenged in a positive way and just have fun. My husband loves to see all the things that I create. He gets a kick out it. I just finished up some cards for our two girls who celebrate their birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday Girls! Well, let me go look at my magazines. Oh I forgot to mention that is another thing I love, magazines. Later Gator.


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