~ My Favorite Places ~

These are two of my favorite places in my house to hang out. The first one is "The Garden Room". I love it there because it is so peaceful and I think about the Lord when He was in His Garden Room, the Garden of Gethsemane. My Garden room is where I go to read my word, read, just enjoy the quiet. My husband, who is a wonderful Godly man, had it built for me back in December. In the winter it is going to be full of my plants that can't stay outside. How awesome will that be.
This is just one of the views I took from my dining room door. I decided white and red would be the color scheme. Red for the blood that Christ shed for me and white, because He washed me white as snow.

This is another shot looking at one of the corners. That door leads to the deck. I couldn't get all the angles to show how pretty it is, but use your imagination.

Here is a shot looking from the deck door into the room. Look in the picture in the corner carefully, what do you see? Yes, that is me!
Another shot - don't you love the Vintage Flag. I do. I love American flags.

And the final shot of my peaceful space. Come visit with me sometime.
My other favorite place, because I said there were two in my house, is my crafting space. Where crafting is always on my mind. I love my whole house, because it is a blessing from the Lord. These two places are special because my husband wanted them for me ~ kind of like a gift. That makes me feel special.
This is the main brain area, where all the heavy thinking takes place. The mastermind center so to speak. I love being able to look out the window while I work. I see lots of birds and listen to them talking is relaxing.

My Cricuit area. Right now that is where I set my cricuit. I am wanting to get a table for the center of my room to utilize as a larger work space. The round corner is where I display a few things.

All the drawers and baskets are where my precious Stampin' up cargo is stored. Believe it or not most of the stuff you have seen in my rooms, I either got at yard sales, or more than 1/2 off at the store. Awesome how the Lord blesses. Well have a great Memorial Day! I am.


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