What can I say about my today?

I took off work the next couple of days just to chill. I haven't had a long period of time off for a while, so it was needed. I started my morning out just chillin' in my Garden Room. I'll have to post a picture of my little haven, I love it!!! Then I went to my thursday morning bible study. We ended up just talking about some things which was really nice. I ran errands, met my hub for lunch and went to where else, but the craft store. Nothing really tooted my horn, but some paper. What is it with paper ~ I just lovvvvve paper, all kinds of printed papers. I feel like I am addicted to paper. Actually I am going to order some of the Stampin' Up paper where you buy 3 get one free, OH YEAH! that is for me. I just love their double sided paper. Check it out! I am ending my day in my Garden room, listening to my husband and the band of CF2 practice in my living room. The Lord is so good to allow us to be a part of this new church. Well ta, ta for now!


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