I know two posts in one day . . . .

I couldn't help myself. I had so show updated pictures of my garden. Wow is it growing fast. Can't wait to show you those sunflowers when they are in bloom. My husband loves fresh sunflower seeds.
First shot is of my first little pumpkin. Isn't it cute.

The next shot is my first little watermelon ever. I have never grown watermelons, so I am excited. I hope it does alright. (no bugs eat it)

This next shot is from the far end of my garden looking across it. Those are mini sunflowers that you see close up. (Really, they are suppose to be mini)

This next shot is from the middle of my garden looking at one side. Those are zuchinni and cuc's in the middle. Let's see there is lettuce, tomatoes, peppers (all varieties), lavender, rosemary. I'll keep you posted how it all does.

Last shot is the other side of my garden. I have carrots, scallions, (oh, I forgot there were onions on the other side to), heirloom tomatoes, and check out those sunflowers on the right. They are suppose to get close to 7' tall. Later!


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