Things I learned today.

Today was an interesting day and a very informative day. I attended a meeting for work that provided me with a lot of things to think about. As I was sitting watching the other ladies there as well as my Regional Manager, District Manager and Assistant District Manager, I saw a group of strong professional women. Having been in ministry for the past 7 years working as a Children's Minister and having worked very hard on my education, I find myself back in the field I worked in for so many years of my younger work life. Sometimes I feel as if all that I worked so hard on to help me advance in the ministry field was for nothing. Since I am no longer in ministry and it doesn't look like that opportunity will come around again. But today gave me some food for thought . . . What do I want to achieve in this field I now find myself in after so many years? Things have changed, a lot, but then again, not really. Just the politics part has changed. Have you ever known you were to do something with your life and could never quite get to that point, or felt you couldn't get to that point? I have strived my whole life it seems to be a teacher. I love Biblical teaching and thought that was the direction I was to go, but now? You see I started working with children when I was 21 years old and I am now about to turn 49 years old. Today's meeting made me think about all the experience I have gained over the years and how can I best utilize that for the betterment of children, other teachers and parents. I have been challenged to set some new goals, goals that might not appear to have anything to do with Biblical teaching, but in reality I believe they will get to the grassroots of Biblical learning, how the Lord intended us to share our lives with others in the first place. I want to take this new opportunity to do for the Lord what I can't do for Him in the church environment. I will mentor and share all that the Lord has allowed me to learn in the educational area with others and help them to grow and advance in their lives. Whether that is children or adults, teachers or parents, staff or co-workers. Take a moment and chew on these thoughts, they may be rambling a little, but chew on them and see how they taste to you and how you can think about these things in your life.
TA,TA for now or TTFN as Tigger always says!


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