What a weekend . . .

I haven't done much crafting or gardening or much of anything else this weekend. My daughter had a physical last week and she got a call on Thursday saying her blood work didn't look good. She was sent the next morning to have a BMB - short for Bone Marrow Biopsy. Talk about being thrown for a loop! The next day she had it done and fortunately had a great Doctor who answered a lot of questions. But we had to wait for the results. We had immediately started everyone we knew praying for her. By Friday afternoon we were all getting a little anxious about the results. My husband kept saying it will be okay. A friend of ours said remember have the faith of a mustard seed, that is all it takes. And because of that when she had the BMB we all held onto real mustard seeds to remind us of the Lord's presence. One of the tests came back that afternoon, NO LEUKEMIA!!!! Praise the Lord. We are still waiting on some other results, but my faith is still holding onto that mustard seed. God can do anything,and if He doesn't heal us, there is a reason. God has done so much in my life, it would take to long to recount. Someday. But until then, I will try to get some pictures of my garden up soon. The sunflowers are bursting! They are beautiful!!! And I have a few patriotic things to share with you, until then TTFN.


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