One year anniversay . . .

Today was the one year anniversary of the new church plant we started of course one year ago. It is called CF2 for Cape Fear Community Fellowship. We had the best praise and worship time today. It was awesome!!!!!!! Great preaching as usual. It is so exciting to know that God allows us to be a part of His bigger picture. Who knows what exciting things will happen this year for this church. It has already grown a lot.
It has been a tiring week - very busy with work. My Grand baby being sick. She is now doing better though. Just one of those weeks where you were glad for it to be finished. And then I get to look forward to Sunday. I love the weekend. I am still trying to get my Stampin' Up business going. I want to enter another one of their contests for the month of September. I've been thinking about it. Maybe you will get to see what I enter, maybe not. Anyway I hope you are blessed in all you do this week. TTFN


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