My New Car

I made a list of things I wanted to do or accomplish since I will turn 50 this year. Kind of like some goals, but they are a mix of fun and serious things. One of the things I had on  my list was to get a sports car, not really thinking it would happen. Well my wonderful hubby started looking for a good deal on a sports car and guess what  ......................... HE FOUND ONE!!!!!!! He traded my little Mazda in for a Mazda Miata Grand Touring. And he got a greatttttt deal. I have such a smart hub. I took some photos, but all of them turned out blurry but one. Check it out. He drove it up to Raleigh to show me. We won't drive with the top down until we can do it together. Isn't it pretty. It has leather interior, bose sound system, heated seats. Of course it is small and only two people can fit in it. He took it back home to do some things to it and left me the truck which is also in the picture you see. I love it as well. That is one thing done on my list of things fun and serious for this my big 50th year.


Sherry said…
This is a Beeee-U-tiful car!! Love the truck too! I want a sports car for my mid life crisis ---> I mean my 50th birthday too!! Ü I know we touched on what day my birthday is but when is yours dear sister from another mother!?

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