Having Fun!

Today was just one of those days where you want to create, but your not sure what to do. So I did a little of everything. The first thing I did was make some bracelets for my grand children and their friends.
Here is a shot before I gave to the girls.
And here is a shot of the bracelets after the
girls got them. Look at those cheesy grins. Doesn't that crack you up.
To make the bracelets you need: elastic cording, pumpkin candies, and fall colored fabric torn into 2 inch strips. String the pumpkins onto the cord using a sharp needle. Make sure you tie a knot in one end so you don't lose a pumpkin. For a small child 4 to 5 pumpkins will do. After you are done stringing pumpkins tie ends together to make bracelet. Now you can add small strips of fabric between pumpkins. Trim the fabric to length you like. Voila! An edible pumpkin bracelet.
Then I decided to make some Pumpkin Parfaits. We are eating them tonight, so I will let you know how they taste. But here is a quick glimpse of what they look like.  After I was done with these projects I just took some pictures. So go check out my picture page for a look at them.


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