What have I been doing?

 I have been a busy little elf the past few weeks. So I thought I might show you a couple projects that I gave to our girls for Christmas. I was so excited they both turned out so beautiful. The first project came about when one of our twins told her dad she would like me to paint her a picture. Well I do abstracts and collages, but I really have to think about it. I am not a natural painter. So I got to thinking about something for her and remembered she had just gotten a puppy. So I painted the puppy.

A painting for my Kristen.

Then I started thinking what could I do for our other twin. She loves purses, so this project was also a first. I felted sweaters for the first time, and made a purse for her. It is all hand embroidered around the edges, and I just love how the flowers on the pocket turned out. I also lined it. I am making a few other gifts, I will post those after Christmas. Our girls already opened these.


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