I have been . . . . .

I have been so busy revamping my life that I haven't had time to blog this week. The past few months the Lord has lead me to take a look at my life and what it means. I have been on a journey physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many opportunities have opened up and I am working on myself from the inside out. You know sometimes life sends stuff your way that makes you act and be something that you are not. Well I have decided to be me. Even when others try to make you act or react like they would. I am a creative soul who loves the life that the Lord has given to me. My husband and I are participating in the Daniel Plan . We have been lead by the Lord to look at our health. I turned 50 this year and want to make the most of the next half of my life a healthy one. I am going to be going strong even in my older years. I have also been participating in Soul Restoration. This is helping me take a look at who I am and what has made me who I am. The link is on my side bar. I would love to go to a Brave Girls Camp, but that will have to come as a gift from the Lord. I am trying to get my online store going as well, but not knowing how to do some things I am having to learn as I go. That is a little tough. I really want to help other women find themselves in all the mess that makes up life sometimes. So keep checking back.

Just for fun:
I have another post of an old window I turned into a vintage mirror. Take a look and let me know what you think.
Here are the How-to's:
You will need an old window, some silver leaf adhesive, silver leaf and some acrylic paint (you choose the color) I used amber.
Clean the window and paint the frame if you desire to do that.
Next apply silver leaf adhesive and let sit for 25 to 30 minutes. It should become sticky.
Once it is sticky you will take silver leaf sheets and lay over the adhesive. Rub with a foam brush to get to stick where you want it to stick, pull of silver leaf backing. Repeat this process until each pane is covered. You will have areas where the silver leaf comes off. That is okay, it is what gives it the vintage look.
Next: When you are done with all the panes, you will paint over top of the silver leaf. I tried stains and they didn't work on the glass. So I used acrylic paint to paint the back. I love how it looks from the front. No one will see the back, but if you are worried about that you can cover with decorative paper.
Hope this helps you!


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