Soul Restoration Week Five Project

Soul Restoration I comes to an end soon. This is week 6 and I am posting my projects from week 5. I have really loved this time of Restoring. Melody Ross has made such a positive impact on women all over the world. Some of you may know that I teach "In Tune" to women who need help in all areas of their lives. I have been down the road that many women are now making. I have attached one of my brochures for "In Tune". I will be changing it to a more creative looking brochure, however, I am in the middle of designing it right now. I am trying to upload it as a link and will ge tthere eventually. For now I will be posting my pictures of Week 5 of Soul Restoration.

Choice is a gift - Choose Life!

Week 5 page 2 of my Soul Restoration Book

My Truth Card Box - these are just for me! To remind me of the truth and not the lies.

Inside My Truth Card Box

My Truth Cards "This equals this"

This is my moto for this year.


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