Valentines Day is tomorrow . . .

I love Valentines day! I have been working on a special project for my staff. I made 18 of these special Valentine Day dishes. It was so easy. I found some glass dishes at the Dollar Tree and I mixed between small ice cream dishes and small glass candle sticks as my base. I used an epoxy glue (anything that works with glass will do). I attached my candle stick or ice cream dish to the bottom of the heart dishes I bought and Voila! A wonderful Valentine Treat.

This is using a small ice cream dish.

This one has a candlestick base.

I am also posting a couple more pages from my Soul Restoration project. I am a little behind, but, It is not mandatory that you finish each project at a certain time. You work at them at your own pace.
Let me know what you think!

Week Three book project! My "She did it anyway page one".
"I did it anyway, page two".


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