Welcome to the Brave Girls Club / Soul Restoration Blog Hop!

I am so excited to be part of this Blog Hop. If you haven't been a part of "Soul Restoration I" you need to check out some of the links below to hear testimonies of how great it was. My personal experience is that I have loved it so much, I signed up for "Soul Restoration II". I can't wait!!! I have included a sample of one of my projects, but if you look back on some of my older posts you will see most of my projects. Some of the more personal ones I won't share. Enjoy! Let me know how you like it. You can also be part of the Brave Girls Club, check out the link and see what you are missing. Join us for the powerful and fun online workshops taught by Melody Ross that are being enjoyed and loved by women all over the world! Soul Restoration on-line classes - Now expanded to TWO sessions: Soul Restoration Part 1 – Finding Your Truth (6 weeks) April 5, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE and Soul Restoration Part 2 – Living Your Truth (6 weeks) For graduates of Soul Restoration 1 only June 7, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE

My Truthteller is the Lord Jesus

My Heavenly Father - Truthteller's Garden

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13. Stephanie http://mycreativewish.blogspot.com/
14. ZuZu  http://www.zuzu.typepad.com/about.html
15. Sami Jo  http://www.herhousehold.blogspot.com/
16. Rebecca http://www.flyoverpilgrim.blogspot.com/
17. Dawn http://www.seekingsense.typepad.com/
18. Donna  http://orangalicious1.blogspot.com/
19. Rana   http://definitivedesignsbyrwilson.blogspot.com/
20. Judy  http://mycraftingroom.blogspot.com/
21. Trisha  http://adgb.blogspot.com/
22. Kas  http://www.whispersandwishes.blogspot.com/
23. Shelley   http://www.renaissancewyoming.blogspot.com/
25. Deb  http://www.aswewalkalongtheway.blogspot.com/
26. Karen http://www.writtenbyangels.com/
27. Jennifer http://www.studiojenn.blogspot.com/
28. Dawn   http://dawnhueser.blogspot.com/


Unknown said…
your truthteller page is very powerful, thank you for sharing.
best wishes
thanks for being part of the hop!
fairyrocks said…
So lovely to meet you I am just about to embark on the 'Soul Restoration Journey.'
Thanks so much for sharing your experience Your artwork is gorgeous.
Keep smiling and creating
scrapwordsmom said…
I am from Brave Girls, too...just stopping by to say HI!! Enjoy the Hop and enjoy your TRUTHS. I am so grateful for mine and this class!!

Trixie said…
Hopped on By~ Great Work!


Following you now too!
sandi rusch said…
So happy to visit your blog!!
Pippa (pjbear) said…
I hopped over to see you! http://pjbear-determinedscrapper.blogspot.com/
~ Donna Peter said…
your projects look Great! It's has been a pleasure taking the class with you!
Viji Siddharth said…
gorgeous work!thanks for sharing!
Lisa said…
Thanks for sharing. :)
Judy, I <3 your truthteller garden. Lovely. Thanks for sharing :)
Flyover Pilgrim said…
Judy, lovely blog.

you know what's interesting? you put in your soul restoration book about your Truthteller what I put in my *journal* about my Truthteller.

Exactly the same truths.

He is a good God, isn't He?

BG hug to you.
Kathy said…
I adore the image of your truthteller garden! Inspiring!
Christine said…
Beautiful, thank you for sharing this space and yourself.
Kristy said…
I am having so much fun on this BG Hop. Meeting so many of my BG Sisters. I am thrilled to say I am signed up for the April session of SR. I can't wait. I am so in need of this Journey since the passing of my Husband this past July. I am on an amazing journey of healing and finding the me I am intended to be. Thank you for your part... blessings and hugs... Krissi57 at BGC
Dawn Hueser said…
Thank you for sharing your journey and the amazing art that you have created to help you on your journey
Christine said…
Thanks so much for sharing. I love your truthteller garden. At Brave Girl Camp, I did a similar project on the front of my art journal.

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