Wonderful Weekend

I don't know about you, but it has been a wonderful weekend here in North Carolina. I have been working in my garden today, weeding and getting my rows ready for veggies. My husband planted two new fruit trees today as well. We planted an apple and a peach tree. So hopefully we will have some fruit in the fall or if not next year. How exciting! I just love it. I am trying to find a good plan for a chicken coop. That is something I want to do next is get some chickens. But for now I have a couple projects I did this weekend. The first one I turned a regular glass vase into a mercury look alike vase. Take a look.

An ordinary glass vase.

The finished vase. Doesn't it look good. I am going to make an arrangement in it. I'll post that when it is done.
I made a wreath for my Garden room door out of a garden hose. Isn't it pretty! I found
the fabulous ribbon at my local plant nursery. I just loved it.

I had a hurricane vase and I added a little vignette. I am starting to get ready
for Spring. The first day of spring is tomorrow. Yippee! I love spring.


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