What I've been doing til now . . . .

July has come and gone and August is here. Wow that is a deep revelation I'm sure. I've been busy getting a Preschool back on track. It is a school that operates on a more nature based premise. I love it! It is definitely a challenge, but I love it. I've been on vacation to Williamsburg Virginia. We had a blast. I rode water slides and walked till my legs felt like they were falling off. We stopped a revolutionary war plot to kill George Washington in Colonial Williamsburg in a special event they have called  REV Quest. It was so much fun to follow clues and solve a mystery. I've also been making art. Time has flown by and in a couple weeks I will be turning 51. I can't believe it. I will also be celebrating my wedding anniversary, number 8. Yahoo! What a month lies ahead for me and my husband, exciting, blessed and prosperous month. I have attached a photo of a collage I did in Soul Restoration II, hope you like. 


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