Inspiration for you

We are just a few weeks from autumn and that cozy feeling just starts coming over me. I want to create cozy things for family and friends. I took a couple days off and was a busy canning tomatos and making tomato juice for my hubby. He loves homemade tomato juice. I steep herbs in it to give it that extra special taste. I made homemade salsa and canned it and I made scuppernog jelly. The jelly is so good it is unreal. (first time I've made that kind). I have also been rearranging and getting my home into the fall spirit. My kids make fun of me because I love to decorate for all seasons, but my favorite is fall. I've also been crafting a little. I made a collage/painting of a saying from the book "The Help". This is such an encouraing statement and I have it haning in my craft room. (which is a mess right now) I also made a terrarium for the first time ever and I just love it, love it, love it. Hope you enjoy and I have inspired you to create something.


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