Day 24 of 365 Days of Encouragement

Sorry for the delay in my Days of Encouragement. I had to attend a conference for work for three days. So now back to learning to be encouraged.

I learned a big lesson in encouragement this week from my husband. If it wasn't for his positive influence in my life I don't know what I would do. Have you ever been part of something that was meant to be a motivating, inspiring event and it had the total opposite affect on you? Well that happened to me this week. As each day passed, I became more and more discouraged. I was trying to figure out why was I feeling like this and I talked with my husband several times over the course of three days to try and figure out what was making me feel so discouraged. I was watching others seemingly gaining a lot from the events and I kept thinking what is wrong with me. My husband reminded me of a few things that finally helped it click in my head what was wrong, this just isn't me. As much as I would like to be like some of these people I realized I am not. I don't think the way they think, I can't act the way they act, and I just plane old don't fit.  So what am I to do? The word tells me to "lean not on my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will direct my path."  

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest


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