Day 8 of 365 days of encouragement

Have you ever thought that you were all alone sometimes? That no one else has experienced what you have experienced or are experiencing. The Bible tells us that we are not alone, that God is with us. My husband and I were having a discussion awhile back about angels. Does the Lord use angels to minister to us? He didn't think so and I did, so I said let's ask the Lord to show us the answer to that question. I remember reading this scripture Hebrews13:2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers,  for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”
Now some of you may not believe this, but I have seen angels standing behind people on  many occasions and I have told my husband when I do that they are there. I have seen them behind him many times when he is playing drums at church. So we prayed. A few days after we started praying I walked out into my garden and found this feather (look closely) stuck on a lavender flower. It wasn't just wind blown there, it was stuck. Kind of like someone had walked by it and something got caught. I immediately went and got my husband and he was kind of like uh-huh, maybe. Well I want you to know that the feather stayed there for weeks, during which there were storms and heavy rain, wind. You get the picture. And then it started to happen to my husband, that thing he had asked God to show him. Every time he turned around their were feathers, just like the one in the picutre turning up. We are talking in some odd places. Like on his case at work which is inside. Or in his truck on the seat. So today, if you ask him does the Lord use angels to minister to you, he will say absolutely. The feather episode went on for months. So be encouraged you are not alone. When you trust Christ as your Savior he is with  you, always. Enjoy!



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