Working on my craft room

I have been very busy trying to excavate my craft room. Wow! do I have a lot of stuff. I had so much stuff that my organizer daughter couldn't figure out where to start. This excavation all started because I got a drawing table as an early birthday present. Well, when we got it home . . . . this is where it all begins. My husband and I got it home and it was so beautiful that I had to redo my craft room. So I started moving stuff and before I knew it there was a volcanic erruption of stuff spewed all over my floor. It is much better now, but still no pictures yet. Once I am done cleaning up the ashes (just kidding) I will be posting pictures. But in the mean time I have some pictures of some completed work I did. These projects were from a class at Big Picture Classes with Amy Powers . Hope you get inspired. I am also going to try and participate in the Creative Every Day 2012 it just seems like every time I try and commit to something I end up really busy at work. So not sure I want to commit, because I sure don't want to be working as much as I have over the past few months. It is time for some down time (art time).


DIAN said…
what lovely little squares. So sweet.

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