Starting off my new year

I know  it's a little late to be starting off my new year, however, surprise, that's what I'm doing. So, some things I'm adding to my list this year to do  are: working on my shop, if you didn't know it's located in Burgaw North Carolina  at Fremont Antiques and Consignment . I've been taking some classes  with Jeanne Oliver and  Emily Jones.  My husband bought me a Wacom Cintique that I am learning to use.  I also have an Etsy where I sell homemade items and vintage items. I'm going to give a try at teaching Bible studies online, still trying to figure that one out. For all you girls who do online videos  if you have any helpful ideas, how to's for making videos for use on the Internet, I'd appreciate any help I can get.  And I would love the opportunity to be an online teacher for some art classes, if there's anyone out there looking for someone who loves to teach I'd love an opportunity.  I want to try to read some more this year, I didn't get much reading in last year other than magazines, and I love my magazines. My word for this year is "Accelerate", I am believing God is going to be doing some marvelous things this year in mine and my husbands life.  I'm closing with a couple pictures of some of my most recent art hope you like.


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