January 1, 2012
We will try this one more time. But this year I will call it 365 days of Inspiration.
Each day I will try to post something that will inspire you to live a blessed life. So many of us want things to happen now and when they don't we feel let down. We want to share 365 days of things to keep you inspired and enjoying each day for what it is. We have been so richly blessed by the Lord that we want others to recieve what we have recieved.
Come along for the ride and be inspired!!!!

January 3, 2012
We are on Day 3 of our Inspiration Project. I have posted day 2 links on my main page. Hope you like those. Today I thought it would be fun to show you how I like to get inspired. I am very blessed by the Lord and one of my favorite things He blessed me with is my hanging chair. Kind of reminds me of the 60's, which by the way is when I was born. I love sitting here enjoying the scenery or reading a good book as you can see I am doing in this photo my husband took. I know I look a little Bohemian in this shot, but I am trying to grow my hair out and it gets a little in the way, so I wrapped it up.

January 2011

I don't know about you, but I like to try new things. Kind of like being an explorer. I have always been that way, even as a child. I have a curiosity about learning knew things that I really don't understand. If I am not learning something, I get bored. So with this being the year I turn 50 I decided I was going to set some fun goals for myself this year. One of them is learning to explore with my camera. I am going to take a picture a day (or try to) and post it for the rest of the year. To begin though I am going to post some photos I have taken in the past week that I just love. I also have a book called "How to be an explorer of the World" by Keri Smith. She has a page called People Watching: You sit in a public location and document people you see for one hour. Take detailed notes. Make sketches of one item that stands out most about each person. I challenge you to do this and let me know how you do. I am going to do this today. Hopefully post my results tomorrow.

January 13, 2011
I have taken some really pretty pictures in the big snow we had. They speak for themselves.
Sit back with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy the snow.

Cardinal sitting in the branches during our second big snow. The friend below him was a blue jay.
Needless to say they were having some interesting flights back and forth.

Bird hide out beside my house.

Hello, welcome to the snow!

This is a view of some horses across the street from my house.

My house right after the first snow we had this year. What is wild is it doesn't snow where I live, but once every
10 years or so.

It's hard to tell here, but this was a female cardinal. She wasn't as pretty as the one above.
January 9, 2011
I can't believe a few months have gone by. I actually have taken some great pictures in the pat few months. Although I have been busy crafting. I made all my Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I enjoyed that so much I guess I forgot about my picutes. Well here are some shots of a cardinal I took out my back door. It was a cold clear day and this was just to pretty a shot to miss. My husband called me and told me to get the camera. So enjoy!
 A Little Birdie Told me . . .

Up close and personal. Isn't he pretty!

October 31, 2010
My son turned 25 this year. His birthday was actually Oct. 23 and we had his party on Oct. 31. Here are a few great shots of his birthday.

My wonderful 25 year old son. Isn't he handsome.

TJ and his papa. Getting ready to blow out the candles.

7 candles for 25. Of course 7 is the perfect number, the number of God.
Wrestling for the title.
And the winner is Noah! How did he beat you guys?

Sept. 25, 2010

Okay, so I'm not the greatest at keeping things update. I am going to make a conscious effort to do that though. Well anyway, I have some cute photos for you to check out.

Sept. 15, 2010

Hey everyone, you have got to check this link out. You will love participating in this Amberlee and Carrie Butler. Check it out and get ready for some great photo fun.

August 1, 2010

Check out some of these cool pictures. We were just goofing off with bubbles, but they turned out really fun.
Catch the bubble!
Bubble Magic

This is David catching a bubble for me. I love how the colors look.

Check out how there are bubbles in bubbles. Look at all the wonderful
colors that we can see.

May 31, 2010
Been a while since I have posted any pictures. I guess my 365 days of photos is off schedule for good this time. My daughter went back to the hospital for a drug poisoning she experienced. She is much better now, but whew, was that a rouch couple days. Well enough of that, here are a couple shots that I wanted to share that were so cool.

"The Bee and the Lady bug"
"Dragon wings"

"Whirling water"

Aren't they some cool shots. I love all of them. Very unique and diffferent!

May 22, 2010
Whew, I have been so busy I haven't had time to even look at the pictures I have taken. I will get them posted as soon as possible. Starting back to working in the office is kicking my butt right now. Hope to be back soon.
New Week, new photo's
Since I have been doing this project, I have been looking at things in a new light. Everyday objects take on an appealing presence. I am loving learning all that I can about photography and I am going to be taking an online class soon and how to use the more detailed aspects of my camers. So I hope over time, my photos will get better and better. We'll see how much I improve over the year.

"Horses from afar"



"Floating Rose"

"Sprawling Climber"

Couple more Shots for the Week!
These are some great shots that I took this week. I just haven't been able to get them posted. I love them. Tell me what you think.
"Roses are pinkish"

Don't you just love the depth of this rose. It smells good as well. Just looking at it my brain is telling my nose it can smell it. Such as sweet smell.

"Wooden Shoes"
I love the texture of this photo. It has a myterious feel. Kind of like who has been lurking in that tree. It looks like a leprechauns shoes.

"Passionate Purple"
I planted a clematis vine last year and this year it is flowering a lot. I love the color of the purple that this flower is displaying. Serene.

"Farmer's Market"
Who doesn't love a farmers market. This is at a Vintage Plantation home in our area. Every Wednesday there are all sorts of vendors and farmers that come to the market.

Okay I am trying ~ Whew what a busy week!!!!!
Okay, so I am a little late. My feelings are not to sweat the small stuff, okay so I am sweating. Here are a couple shots that I chose for the past three days. Not sure what I want to post for today yet. I may post that one tomorrow. I have been getting acclamated to being home again. I have been getting my garden going, moving my crafting room, working, whew the list goes on and on. And I still have to take my daughter to Chapel Hill once a month. So enjoy these shots and refresh in the spirit of the photos. TTFN

Wednesday & Thursday
I don't like posting two pic's on the same day, but this week has been crazy. Fortunately I did get pictures taken. My daughter got to go home today from Chapel Hill, so we have been busy getting everything settled. It is bittersweet, because we have gotten to know so many great people. I know this isn't farewell my friends, this is just see ya later.  So I feel like singing a tune:

"Raindrops keep falling on my head"

This is Thursday's picture. It is of the card wall that Amanda had in our room. This is where all the cards she recieved were hung. We had a lot come from all of the UStamp girls around the world. There was some very pretty cards sent to her from them. My mother-in-law sent cards on a regular basis and Amanda's best friend sent her several. It is a nice memory to share. Love comes in many forms.

"Amanda's Card Wall"


Terrific Tuesday
My husband is a drummer for a Christian Rock Band and when I saw this duck, I thought about him. Not that he is quacky or anything (okay, maybe a little), but that he marches to a beat of a different drum. My husband is such a man of God that I love how he stands out as being different.

Marvelous Monday Photo
"Me and My Shadow"
I love how this photo turned out. This shadow looks like it is a 10 foot tall person. I was walking one day and cast this shadow and I thought that would be really cool to take a picture of.

Sweet Sunday
Are you licking your lips yet? We went for a Sunday afternoon cruise to go to our local Strawberry farm and had homemade ice cream. Yummo! But then we had to get a pack of strawberries to take home and pick out on. They were delicious!
"Sweet Sunday"

Photo's in Review
Friday's Photo is one taken out at Mike's Farm in Chiquapen (not sure about spelling) NC.
I loved this old tractor with the Clematis vine crawling all over it. It is gorgeous.
"Tractor with Clematis"

Saturday's Photo is "My Knight In Shining Armor"
My Hubby looked like he was sitting on a kings throne. He is
the greatest. What a lovely couple days this weekend has been. So thankful for all the beauty I have had the priviledge to lay my eyes upon.

Apple for you
  Simple, but sweet. I love the freshness of this apple. It makes me want to take a bite and I don't like green apples except in pies. That is my daughters hand, she loves green apples.  I have been looking at things a little differently since I picked up my camera and decided to do this photo a day for the rest of the year. I am not a professional photographer, so they may not like what I am taking. But, it is from my perspective, not someone elses. So, with that I hope you like the photos and they inspire you to look at things a little differently as well.
                                           "For You"

Terrific Tuesday Photo
This is such a fun picture. Teddy Bear was posing for a close up shot.


Memorable Monday

This is my picture for Monday. I loved this look my granddaughter was giving me from behind her daddy.
Hope you like. Tuesday's Picture is next.

"Hangin' On"

My First few days of photos.
Hope you like. Leave comments about your favorites.

"Looking Heavenward

"A lone pinecone"

"Do you see me?"

                                                                  "Shining Star"


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