Well I know it has been a long, long time since I've added pictures. Blogging is just not my cup of tea. Why does it have to be so difficlut to upload your own photos. They have to go from one place to another before you can upload to your blog and then they might be blurry because your at your limit or close with your i-cloud account and google, gosh you have to have a degree to upload to them and if you don't upgrade watch out you are screwed then.

Some of my Latest projects this year (2012) I have some other projects I just haven't taken any pictures. I quess I need to.

Just some Shots of some of my work.

Mother's Day Cards
What a better way to start my new gallery than with my Mother's Day cards. I love the vintage papers and the old looking things. I found this paper at Archiver's in Raleigh and loved it. Hope you like and get an idea.
The first one was my Mother in laws and the second was my mom's.

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